The Deadly Space Between

Toby Hawk is a solitary boy in a family of Amazons. His mother, only fifteen years older than him, is a painter on the brink of commercial success. His great-aunt is a wealthy textile designer; her partner, Liberty, a barrister. Meanwhile, eighteen-year-old Toby's world remains a small, closed round of school, domesticity and surfing the Net at night. But everything changes when his mother takes up with a fascinating but enigmatic scientist, Roehm. Patricia Duncker's gripping novel is a disturbing tale of Oedipal passion. It is also an eerie psychological ghost story in the European tradition, whose sources - Freud, Faust and Frankenstein - haunt the pages.




First published by Picador, March 2002

Picador paperback March 2003

Reissued by Bloomsbury July 2011



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German Edition

Der Tödliche Zwischenraum

Übersetzt aus dem Englischen von Barbara Schaden

Berlin Verlag 2003 (hardback edition)

Berlin Verlag 2004 (paperback edition)

Patricia Duncker author page at Berlin Verlag


French Edition

L'Espace Mortel

Trad. de l'anglais par Claude Bonnafont

Collection Littérature étrangère/Joëlle Losfeld, Gallimard 2005

ISBN 2070789098

Patricia Duncker author page at Gallimard


Italian Edition

La Spazio Mortale Che Ci Divide

Traduttore: Pareschi M.

Neri Pozza 2003

Patricia Duncker author page at Neri Pozza


Spanish Edition

El caso Roehm

Traductor: Miguel Martinez-Lage

Alianza Editorial Sa , 2006

Patricia Duncker author page at Alianza



Dutch Edition

Dodelijke afstand

Vertaald door Auke Leistra

Atlas, 2003