Seven Tales of Sex and Death

Illuminating the dark side of the erotic, these interwoven stories explore obsession, violence, and the thin line between sex and death. Under a Mediterranean sun a man searches for the Temple of Zeus as his wife awaits her stalker; a sex worker at an illegal fetish club contemplates her options; a strike spirals out of control with eerie consequences; and a conflict with noisy neighbours reaches theatrical heights. Driven by lust, greed and revenge, chillingly calm or maddened by rage, Patricia Duncker's characters use every tool at their disposal to get what they want. Unapologetically disturbing and provocative like the B movies that inspired them, Seven Tales of Sex and Death holds up a mirror to humanity at its most flawed, ruthless and seductive..




First published by Picador, March 2003

New edition by Bloomsbury April 2016


Available in paperback and eBook

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German Edition

Sieben Geschichten Von Sex Und Tod

Aus dem Englischen von Barbara Schaden

Berlin Verlag 2005 (hardback edition)

Berlin Verlag 2006 (paperback edition)

Patricia Duncker author page at Berlin Verlag


Italian Edition

Sette Storie Di Sesso E Morte

Traduttore: Zani I.

Neri Pozza 2007

Patricia Duncker author page at Neri Pozza


Dutch Edition

Zeven Verhalen Over Seks En Dood

Vertaald door H. de Heus

Atlas. 2005